Gary saved me over $800 on my Medicare Supplement and Drug Plan! Much needed money back in my pocket!  
- Judy M.


 Since he is a broker and represents a lot of companies, he shopped the whole market to narrow the market down so I could make a choice on the best plan for me. Best of all, his services are free!  
- Ernest B.


 I take a lot of medications, Gary took the time and researched the market for the plan that fits me and my budget the best. During the fall, his Medicare Review found me a better plan for the upcoming year to fit by ever changing medications, What a blessing!  
- Joan C.


 I met Gary teaching a Medicare seminar at Emory. He made it look simple, told me my next steps and later enrolled me into a great plan that fit my needs. Could not have been any easier. And his services are free!  
- John R.


 Gary found me a plan that has all my doctors and covers my medicine.  
- Sara E.


 I called NE Georgia Hospital and they referred me to Gary. Thought I understood Medicare with all the internet research, just really got more confused. Gary laid it out in a way I could understand, he researched my doctors and medicines, found a plan that fits me.  
- Ronnie T.


 Got a letter from the Insurance company that the plan I had was going away, called Gary and he already had a plan for me to look at. Turned out it had better benefits!" Glad I had someone who did the research for me.  
- Tom A.


 Gary found me a great plan, he also contacted me in the fall to do a Medicare Review to make sure I was still in the best plan for me. Great service!  
- Julia F.


 Through one of Gary's Medicare Seminars at Emory, since I was going to keep working past 65, I did not need to enroll in Medicare until I retire. Saved me a lot of money, I know who I am going to call when I retire!  
- Bill W.


 If I had listened to my friends, I would have signed up for the wrong plan. Glad Gary showed me a plan that fits my needs.  
- Joyce N.